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Parametric Parking

The most important parts of a parking structure are the parking spaces. Drawing these becomes a very tedious and difficult task. Becoming so difficult that architects rarely draw them on arcs, and never on varying curvature routes. This has restricted architects. Parking structures become a stacked basic pattern picked from a graphic standards book. These patterns alone are sometimes successful, but the problem is that parking structures never have the same functional requirements throughout. Certain locations are in high demand while others are neglected.

In order to achieve the freedom necessary to design an optimized parking structure layout, the basic task of drawing parking locations needed to be improved.

By using parametric software (grasshopper) with the Hoopsnake component, I could automatically generate parking spaces along a route.

This is not as simple as dividing a curve into equal length segments. As a curve and its offset change curvature, the distance traveled by the two curves is different. This means that each space does not rely on a guiding curve, but the space next to it. Since the number of spaces in this would constantly change, a looping component needed to be integrated within the definition.

Parametric Parking from tim williams on Vimeo.